Childsmart’s primary focus is to add value and bring fun to the market. We understand that whilst technology is changing, children still require stimulus away from digital devices. Childsmart assists parents in facilitating immersive learning during the baby phase, and continues to support growth into the childhood years. We believe that the fundamentals of learning and play are very important, but lifestyle goods are equally as important to us.

Our Brands

Each brand is selected with the end user in mind, through a meticulous assessment process. Brands that offer great value, good quality and innovative products perfectly aligns with our promise to our retailer partners. Our product portfolio includes leading brands such as Delta Children, kidsme, Surprise Drinks Born with Style and Roommates.

Our Licensing Partners

Childsmart has developed strong partnerships with some of the largest licensing brands such as Disney, Hasbro, Mattel and Nickelodeon. These are some of the world’s most trusted brands and they continue to create a life-long rapport with consumers of all ages. A sense of nostalgia and fondness is established through some of the most recognised characters in films and TV shows produced by these brands. Childsmart recognises these characters are imperative to learning and play, and we are determined to deliver a range of products, including furniture, lifestyle and FMCG products that children will fall in love with.


Licensing brands play an integral and necessary part in delivering successful and appropriate products to the local market. Like our product lines, a meticulous process is implemented in selecting the right licensors. Engagement with our major retail partners drives our relationships with brand licensors and ensures the market will be responsive to the right brand and products.
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