Foldable Cutting Board
The Kidsme Folding Cutting Board features unique folding hinges, making it great for  food preparation. The hinged surface also creates multiple antibacterail surfaces to help prevent cross-contiamiantion.  Food icons are clearly marked as a guide to help prevent the cross-contamination...
Food Feeder Multi-purpose Rack - Lime
The Kidsme Multi-Purpose Rack is the complete storage solution for your feeding essentials. This items i not just a drying rack, but can also be handy when filling food feeders.The Food Feeder Work Station at the bottom can carry up...
Food Feeder Starter Kit
Introducing fresh food to your baby is now easy with the kidsme Food Feeder Starter Kit. This kit is a collection of kidsme feeding essentials that allow babies to safely and independently explore new foods at an early age.Product Includes:-...
Food Squeezer - Lime
The unique hand powered juicer, is specially designed for babies to self-feed liquid and semi-liquid food.  Regular Squeezing can also help strengthen baby's hand muscles. Iin combination with the feeder and the feeder plus, your baby can develop a rich palate...
Reusable Food Pouch with Adaptor Set - 2 pcs
The kidsme Reusable Food Pouch is designed to store prepared fresh food for your baby to eat anytime. It's wide opening with double zipper makes it easy to pour for into the pouch and seal tight. Each pouch is reusable...
Silicone Sac for Food Squeezer (Circle Holes)-2 Pcs
Kidsme medical grade silicone sacs are intended for use when replacements are needed for the Kidsme Food Squeezer.  It is simple to replace the sac in any of the Kidsme Food Feeders or Squeezer, firstly you insert the silicone sac...
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